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Join us during the various hunting seasons.

There is plenty of game and wildlife in the area.

The Rock Pine is located within the WMU 41 area Map



Ontario Hunting Regulations

What you need to know before hunting in Ontario

How to apply for a Moose Tag

Black Bear Hunting Regulations

Popular Game Hunting in our Area

Black Bear Spring   ~   May 1-Jun15, 2017

Black Bear Fall   ~   Aug 15-Oct 31, 2017

Moose  Bow   ~   Sep 23-Oct 13, 2017

Moose Gun   ~   Oct 14-Nov 15, 2017

Pheasant   ~   Sep 20-Dec 15, 2017

Grouse   ~   Sep 20-Dec 15, 2017

(Always double check the Ontario Hunting regulations

to confirm seasons and exact dates)

Guided Hunting Packages available

Must be booked in advance

As gun hunting tags are getting more and more scarce to secure many hunters are taking up bow hunting.   Several of our guests have been successful with their hunts during bow season dates and usually secure tags year after year.     Consider taking up bow hunting today  :-)

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