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The Rock Pine is located on Frenchman's Bay which is part of the Marten River waterway system.  The bay connects to Marten River and (little) Marten Lake by way of a very large culvert that goes under Hwy 11.   Small boats with a low drag have no problem maneuvering between the two bodies of water under the bridge. The nearby Provincial Park is accessible from our docks just by following Marten River north. 


(little) Marten Lake feeds into (big) Marten Lake which then connects to Bruce and McPhee Lakes further east.  Wicksteed Lake has a dam so is only accessible by a boat launch that is just a short 5 minute drive away.  

These lakes and rivers are considered some of the best fishing waterways around. There is plenty of lake trout, walleye, pike, bass, perch, pickerel and whitefish with the occasional sturgeon to be found. 


The Temagami area (which includes Marten River) is also considered the

Canoe Tripping Capital of the World.   

Canoe/Kayak Route From the Rock Pine

Around Kenny Forest Provincial Park

General Info                                  Portage Info

Distance: 30 km                                    No. of Portages : 2
Duration : 2 days                                  Total Length: 2425 m
Loop Trip : yes                                       Longest Portage : 2250 m

Difficulty Ratings

River Travel : novice                              Portaging : Difficult
Lake Travel : novice                               Remoteness : novice


Start Frenchman's Bay

East through Little Marten Lake 
P 175 m around dam into Wickstead Lake (along road) 
Northeast through Wickstead Lake (into channel heading east) 
P 2250 m southeast to Bruce Lake 
West through Bruce Lake to Big Marten Lake 
Southwest through Big Marten Lake to Little Marten Lake 
West into Frenchman's Bay to finish


The Rock Pine has a small 14' fishing boat with a 15hp motor and two canoes available for rent.  Life jackets, paddles and safety kits included. 

Boat Rental                          $95 / day       half day (4 hrs)  $50

Canoe or Kayak Rental      $40 / day       half day (4 hrs)  $25

Guided Fishing Trips available if pre booked  $160 per guide per day


Package deals - include: overnight accommodations, dinner, breakfast, lunch, and boat rental.  Call for pricing (always subject to change) and availability.


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